SAD! Literally!

how incredibly ironic is it that seasonal affective disorder has the acronym sad?

It’s funny’ because, if you were unaware, seasonal affective disorder is a depression that, unlike other mood disorders, strikes in the seasons of winter and fall. mostly. some cases were even documented to begin in the spring or summer. SAD strikes people who live far from the equator and women seem more likely to be struck by it than men.
hilariously, in my own 365 days a year depression, I’m unsure where or if seasonal depression begins, or if the depressions pile up on each other. like many, I am very, very lethargic as the day gets shorter and shorter, and I am more prone to suicidal ideations during this time. One of the cures for seasonal affective disorder is light therapy, something I’m dying to try. you sit in front of a big light box to get the sun that you’ve missed in the winter. Therapy, medications and upping the vitamin D can help as well.

Literally…sad! in a recent newsweek article, the stress of the political climate is likely to make your seasonal affective depression worse. the overall climate of the united states today—politically, financially, the fact that nuclear war is completely feasible now—is not helping your frayed stress levels.


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to unplug from technology once in a while. SAD begins to show up around October and peaks after Thanksgiving, so it’s necessary to look out for warning signs, like, but not limited to, lethargy, irritable thoughts, or thoughts of suicide. this is a disease that needs to be taken seriously, as studies show that there is a possible connection between seasonal depression and the increased rates of suicide in the spring; it is hypothesized that people experiencing SAD are too tired to kill themselves in winter, so they wait until they have more energy in the spring to do it. Be safe this winter! Tell someone if you think you’re experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder! I know I am already, because all I want to do is sleep when six pm rolls around and the sky outside is pitch black.

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