Beauty in the little things: a blurb

Find beauty in the little things in life. When I want to just die, or fade away into obscurity and live out my life sulking in a bed, I think of all the things I would miss out on.

The sunrise as it peaks over an empty beach. The smell of seawater and the screech of seagulls scavenging for food. Holding my breath during a scene in a horror movie as something jumps out at a character, then laughing at myself for being so scared. The changing of leaves during the fall season, and their crunch as I step on them. I would miss sculling up in my bed as a thunderstorm rages outside, my windows shaking from the boom of the thunder, and my room lighting up for just a second as lighting comes and goes. I would miss pumpkin pie during thanksgiving, and seeing my relatives. I would miss my mom, and my sister and my dad and my dog. You have more to live for then you think that you do. Enjoy the little things.

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