a couple spooky ways of self care this halloween

a couple spooky ways of self care this halloween

all hallows eve. the one night of the year where you are allowed to dress up as a slutty nurse, or a slutty cat or a slutty fire hydrant and no one will judge you (Well, they might judge you a little bit). This time of the year is well known for awesome costume parties, and big get-togethers filled with ravers in Harley Quinn costumes. But, if you’re like me, and parties aren’t really your scene for this year, here are some ways that you can enjoy Halloween while taking care of yourself.


watch campy scary movies: there’s nothing that screams self-care like plopping in front of the television and giggling as you watch Jason Voorhees in space killing stupid teenage astronauts (yes, this is a real movie), or going that extra mile and watching the entire Nightmare on Elms Street saga, while listening to the hustle and bustle of trick or treaters outside. While ducking and dodging the kids at your front door, arms outstretched and looking for candy like little sugar goblins. You can even invite a friend over to help you sit through the eleven (yes, ELEVEN) Friday the thirteenth movies as you giggle together.


Or you can watch really, really unsettling horror movies, films that send you sprinting out of your basement after trying to keep it cool, and jumping at each ring of the doorbell or scream coming from outside your home. I prefer zombie movies myself, like the black and white night of the living dead or the punk cult classic, The return of the living dead. Or dawn of the dead. Apparently, my measure of whether horror movies are good or not depends on whether they have the word dead in the title.


…or you can throw it back. I know for a fact that they have every goosebumps episode on Netflix, and it shouldn’t be that difficult to find Are you afraid of the dark somewhere on the interwebs. courage the cowardly dog is probably floating around there too if you look hard enough. sit back and wonder why you were so afraid of these things as a kid as the campy 90’s dialogue overwhelms the sometimes genuinely unsettling plots.


I’m not a fan myself, but apparently, season two of stranger things is out on Netflix if you want to watch that this halloween.

dont be afraid to take some time off on this holiday; dont feel obligated to hang at a party you didn’t really want to be at in the first place. there’s nothing wrong with watching foolish young people partying only for something to go terribly wrong. And, if you don’t want to be alone, invite some close friends, pop some popcorn and pick up some candy as you guys shriek in laughter at that one part in troll two.

And if you haven’t seen that one part in troll two, i emplore you to watch it one day. stay safe this Halloween, guys.


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