declutter your mind, declutter your space

declutter your mind, declutter your space

decluttering my space, meaning my house, specifically my room, is cathartic, and something I think everyone should try when they’re feeling overwhelmed by everything. Decluttering your space, getting rid of discarded boxes of pizza and washing smelly, sweat encrusted clothes, feels like rebirth. Like a brand new you. It feels synonymous with decluttering your mind, at least to an extent. With all the garbage removed, and your space now your own again, it feels like the air is fresher. I recommend that everyone do it.

To clear my mind, besides cleaning, I utilize meditation. Twenty minutes of focusing on nothing in particular is more cathartic than many people might realize. It releases the stressors in life, at least for a couple minutes, and suddenly you have no appointments to make, no deadlines, no debt, etcetera.


Another couple of ways to declutter your mind is to engage in your favorite habits of self-care, such as calling a close friend, watching your favorite movies, laying down with a hot cup of cocoa, or taking a bath. Or you can throw your attention into a hobby (NOT work/obligations), maybe one you’ve never done before, and would like to. Maybe crochet? Running a marathon? Murder? The world is your oyster; just don’t let your mind get so cluttered that you can’t see all the wonder that life can offer.

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